Effortlessly add more light and space to your home with a sleek wood and metal mirror from Castle & Gregory. This exclusive limited edition collection of mirrors is defined by wood with a distinct weathered look, complemented by exposed metal. Refined focal points for a living room, or an ingenious way to brighten a dark stairway or entrance hall.

Featuring gleaming reflective surfaces of metal and glass, a mirror from Castle & Gregory pairs beautifully with matching furniture. The frames are painstakingly aged, revealing an exquisite patina for a bygone edge. Perfect for pairing with a neutral colour scheme, or a vintage-inspired table or storage piece from the same range. Bring a sense of calm and organisation to a room by teaming similar materials together. Or add an eclectic charm to a room by juxtaposing furniture and accessories inspired by your favourite eras and styles.

As well as lending character to a room, Castle & Gregory metal and wood mirrors can be used to lighten a room. Ask the experienced sales team for advice on where to hang your mirror to maximise light in your home. Install a full length mirror in your bedroom as a place to plan your attire, or create the illusion of more space in a tight hallway.

Castle & Gregory’s Galvanised Mirror is a true statement piece, sporting a mix of utilitarian chic and glistening glamour. Perfect for adding an industrial touch to a contemporary home, while creating a handy space to check your appearance. Distressed wooden timbers and fabricated metal surround a long and elegant mirror - an essential accessory for any room.

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