Dining Sets

Break bread with those you love most with a Castle & Gregory Dining Set. A meticulously curated selection of trend-led designs inspired by our industrial heritage. Soften the masculine aesthetic with dining chairs in tactile fabric, crafted to give a vintage feel, with modern techniques.

Our creative teams have curated these perfectly balanced industrial dining sets which offer the ideal mix of factory-chic with the comfort of upholstery. Team with pure white crockery, vintage glassware, flickering candle-light and on-trend copper cutlery for a beautifully styled dining experience. Take your table from one season to the next with seasonal foliage and flowers, a series of smaller vases along the table means that no one is obscured at meal times and gives each guest a visual of your creative talents.  

Imposing slabs of beaten timber, rich in surface interest and grain contrast with sleek cast metalwork; gentle curves and moldings lend interest and intrigue. Team with dining storage pieces from the C&G collection to reiterate the industrial theme, delight in the contrast of antiqued metal and sleek glass.

The Castle & Gregory aesthetic draws upon a global archive of designs used to create heritage-inspired pieces designed for the modern age. Inspiration is taken from the travels of C&G founders David and Miles. Many pieces are made in very small batches and will not be created again, it’s the intention that Castle & Gregory pieces are cherished, one-offs and exclusive to each owner.

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