Dressers and Display Cabinets

Hide away or display your treasures with a vintage-inspired dresser from Castle & Gregory. Ideal for a living room, home office or hallway; this unique collection of furniture is perfect for exhibiting your belongings. Sporting a bygone aesthetic reminiscent of Victorian curiosity cabinets, these remarkable dressers make a wonderful focal point for any room. They feature exquisite details, making them more than just a place for storing home essentials.

This limited edition range is exclusive to Castle & Gregory, featuring weathered wood with a distinct patina and antiqued metalwork. Discover a timeless dresser that pays homage to the past, while still feeling fresh and contemporary. An elegant piece of furniture for an atmospheric entrance hall or a fascinating conversation piece at dinner with friends.

Create a decorative arrangement inside a refined glass display case - let your imagination run wild. A mixture of full length shelves and slimline drawers offers a reliable way to organise homewares, paperwork or ornaments. Sleek wooden frames paired with burnished metal knobs and handles, complemented by transparent glass for an extraordinary finish.

The Apothecary Dresser is an iconic piece of furniture, sporting a triple bank of drawers with classic label holders. Inspired by the dressers found inside traditional haberdasheries and apothecaries, this extraordinary dresser is a delight for lovers of antique design. Create your own museum-inspired collection inside the drawers and categorise it to perfection. Hand-written labels will ensure letters, bills and journals are kept beautifully in order. A trio of glass doors enclose the drawers and a lustrous metal bar accents the top glass cabinet.

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