Butler's Tray

An engineered X frame in a dark metal finish supports a deep tray in weathered timber. An enticing contrast of wood and metal; a unique, industrial inspired side table. This design will become a focal point in your hallway or Living Room. Folding legs and a detachable tray top makes this portable.

Tray and stand can be separated, packaged safely for delivery.

  • Overall Dimensions
    Height - 69cm
    Width - 60cm
    Depth - 45cm

    In-depth Dimensions

    Height - 8cm
    Maximum Width - 60cm
    Bottom Width - 57cm
    Depth - 44cm
    Internal Width - 54cm
    Internal Depth - 41cm
    Thickness - 1.5cm

    Height - 61cm
    Width - 47cm
    Depth - 45cm
    Metal Thickness - 2.5cm

£259.00 Regular Price
£129.00Sale Price