Mercantile Sideboard

Mercantile Sideboard

Modelled on a 1920s industrial unit this statement sideboard sports a sliding metal door, hung on a rolled metal rod. Six deep drawers offer a robust storage solution. Distinctive metal detailing lends interest, meticulously aged and weathered for a distinct patina. Hand cast iron handles will be fitted before delivery.

  • Overall Dimensions
    Height - 86cm
    Width - 200cm
    Depth - 50cm

    In-depth Dimensions

    Drawers External
    Height - 17.5cm
    Width - 44.5cm

    Drawers Internal
    Height - 15cm
    Width - 42cm
    Depth - 32cm

    Metal Door
    Height - 65cm
    Width - 101cm
    Depth - 2.5cm

    Shelf Section
    OpeningHeight - 62cm
    Width - 92cm
    Depth - 41cm

    Shelf Spacing
    Top Shelf Height Space - 29cm (44cm max internally)
    Bottom Shelf Height Space - 29cm
    Shelf Thickness - 2.5cm
    Width - 92cm
    Depth - 33cm
    Maximum Width - 98cm
    Maximum Depth - 41cm

    Top Overhang
    Height - 2.5cm
    Depth - 9cm

    Bottom Overhang
    Height - 7cm
    Depth - 9cm