Castle & Gregory’s unique collection of sideboards are a contemporary celebration of vintage style, updated with industrial details. Distinctive wood and metal storage furniture - ideal for storing away your crockery and dining room essentials. Organise drinks glasses for a night of socialising, or top with decorative homewares to create a talking point for guests.

An exquisite range of practical sideboards, defined by weathered wood and distressed metal accents. Timeless focal points for your dining room or kitchen, reminiscent of the golden age of design. Remarkable metal detailing lends interest; meticulously aged for an antiqued patina. These sturdy yet elegant pieces of furniture are limited edition designs. Add an edge of factory chic to your home, while creating a practical storage space to hide away clutter.

Sporting a pared-down sliding metal door, the robust Mercantile Sideboard is a statement piece inspired the past. Modelled on an authentic 1920s industrial unit, this understated wooden sideboard is perfect for organising tableware and dinner sets. Alternatively, use to reliably store away paperwork, letters or bills inside a home office, study or hallway. The door slides smoothly along a cast metal rod, helped along by delightfully industrial wheels.

Dining room furniture doesn’t come more refined than The Bayliss Rounded Sideboard. Guests will love how easily it stores away glasses and utensils. Top with a crystal bowl full of homemade punch to create a space everyone will socialise. Contemporary metal handles complement a curved aesthetic with echos of the 1930s. Smoothly sliding doors cover rounded end shelves, while eight rows of glass holders leave plenty of room for entertaining.

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