The Castle & Gregory Story

The Directors Dave and Miles

Founders David Castle and Miles Gregory met at school, and although Castle & Gregory is relatively new as a brand, the duo have been in the furniture trade for over three decades; running other companies, from their Peak District headquarters. With a name made for themselves in solid wood furniture, David and Miles’ wanderlust and interest in bygone design needed an outlet, and Castle & Gregory was born.

Living Room

Castle & Gregory launched in autumn 2017 with a meticulously curated collection overseen by David and Miles. Dining tables team weathered timber and metal for an industrial edge; pair with bold fabric dining chairs to create an eclectic dining space. Luxuriously plump statement sofas in simple, classic linen and twill. Alongside a diverse range of storage pieces with a distinct utilitarian-factory aesthetic; a pairing of metal and glass provide artistic form and valuable function. Designs taken inspiration from global travels and crafted by experts based in China, Hong Kong & Amsterdam.

Franklin Table

Metal Legs Metal Legs

"We've always collected furniture between us; our office is starting to look rather like a museum! Miles loves the technical side; the metal mouldings and the old-fashioned handles, he's got boxes of them around his desk. For me, it's the shape of the old armchairs and sofas, the curves of the arms and the backs - so evocative of their era. The excitement of finding a chair at an auction or a table in the back of a barn in Kent or somewhere sparks all sorts of ideas between Miles and me - from the shape of a metal casting on an old table to the angle of a leg on a dining chair."

- David Castle, Castle and Gregory Co-founder -

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